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Forecasting and Budgeting for Professional Services Organizations with Sage Intacct

- Tuesday, February 06, 2018

By Laura McDowell, CPA, The Resource Group

Forecasting-and-budgeting-for-professional-services-firmsAs a registered CPA in Washington state and a Sage Intacct consultant with The Resource Group, I work with our professional services clients to make sure their accounting department has all of the tools they need to work efficiently.

Sage Intacct has superior forecasting and budgeting capabilities for professional services organizations, which include consulting firms, businesses that require heavy project management, or sell services on a time and material basis or through a subscription service. These budgeting and forecasting tools helps our clients have information on today's numbers. In addition, they can be updating and including more information on budgeting and forecasting, and have that roll into reports making it more robust for their management team.

Sage Intacct also has very strict data access security, with two-step verification, in order to enter the environment. Within the solution, there are security and roles that you can set up on a report basis, giving access to view, run, add, edit, or any sort of other modifications to those reports. Specifically with financial reports, on a report by report basis, this is really great for managers who only need access to some, but not all of your data.

With Sage Intacct, you can also restrict users by entity or department. So when a user goes into the system, they are only able to see financial data for the departments which they have been given access to. For example, if they're running their financial reports, their balance sheet, their P&L, they really only see the information for their particular department.

If you have any additional questions about the Sage Intacct accounting software solution for your professional services organization, please download our e-book or contact The Resource Group.

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