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Family Office Dashboard Series: CFO Edition

- Monday, June 10, 2019

CFOs of asset management firms, including both single and multi-family offices, need to manage the organization’s assets to ensure operational efficiency and maximize investment resources. Understanding both your operational finances and your investment mix is key to successfully driving growth for the firm’s portfolio. Whether you’re making decisions about staffing or considering long-term investment strategies, it’s important to have an accurate, detailed understanding of key metrics. With a Sage Intacct dashboard customized for financial services CFOs, you can access important data from anywhere on any device, and understand it in a glance.

For wealth and asset management companies, the CFO needs to have a good understanding not only of the investment portfolio, but also the daily costs of operating an organization. Sage Intacct dashboards make it easier to understand metrics related to every aspect of the firm by showing them in real time using personalized visual aids.

1. Track a wide variety of KPIs

Sage Intacct’s dashboards can be easily customized without IT intervention to track key performance indicators. Just choose your dashboard elements in order to track cash, stocks, hedge funds, bonds, private equity, AUM, valuables/collectibles, and more. Have constant access to real-time information that can inform strategic decisions. Because of Sage Intacct’s robust multi-entity management, you can consolidate entities however you want and then view the data however is convenient for you.

2. Easily choose customized visuals

Visual indicators such as arrows and color coding make it easy to compare current trends with prior periods. You can also add numerous types of charts and graphs so complex data can be easily understood at a glance. Conditional formatting can make it easy to see if a particular metric changes or crosses a predetermined threshold.

3. Drill down for underlying data

Sage Intacct’s Financial Report Writer makes it easy to create custom reports showing each investment or expense by month. These reports can be displayed directly on your dashboard, or linked to visual graphs and charts. Every element of the dashboard allows CFOs to drill down into its component parts and transactional details, just by clicking on the block. You can view the tabular data behind a KPI at any time, and from these tables you can continue to drill down all the way to the source transactions and underlying data.

4. Add approval components and other workflows

A financial services CFO needs to make big decisions for the health of the firm, but a lot of the job is also completing the daily flow of approvals and other routine tasks. Sage Intacct dashboards allow users to add approval components for items such as expense reports or journal entries, so you can view and complete these tasks without needing to navigate to a separate window or task pane.

Learn More

Use Sage Intacct dashboards for CFOs to help optimize your firm’s operations and financial efficiency. If you’d like to learn more about how dashboards can help single-family and multi-family offices achieve greater success, watch our videos about Sage Intacct Dashboards for Financial Services, or contact The Resource Group today.

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2019 Accounting Software & Financial Management Buyer's Guide

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