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AP Connect for a Seamless Bridge to Wells Fargo Payment Manager

- Thursday, January 04, 2018

Dynamics GP & Wells Fargo Payment Manager Align With AP Connect

A few years ago, one of our clients came to us with a challenge. The client was using Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software, and needed to send payment files to Wells Fargo's Payment Manager.

While Payment Manager is a popular service that allows clients to send large batches of AP files to Wells Fargo for payment processing, the system has a complicated file format that makes it difficult to get the data out of GP into a format that can be uploaded to the Wells Fargo website.

When our consultant tried to make it work with some out-of-the-box software, it turned out to be too big a task.

It was passed to our development team, who, we are proud to say, has a pretty rare mix of programming knowledge. The result was AP Connect – a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution built directly into Microsoft Dynamics GP, so no external applications or integrations are required.

Leverage the System You're Already Using

AP Connect from The Resource Group can be installed, configured and ready to use in under two hours, working in conjunction with GP's windows and processes in a way that creates a nearly seamless user experience.

With AP Connect, you choose the vendors you want Wells Fargo to pay, along with the type of payment. You run your normal Accounts Payable check process to create a file in the right format for uploading to Wells Fargo. The system leverages the GP payment process. Once the payments are posted, the AP Connect export window is used to create the file.

The following payment types are supported:

  • Next Day Check
  • Domestic ACH
  • USD Wire
  • CCER / Commercial Credit Card

AP Connect Demo

And Sage Intacct users: your day is coming soon...

If you are a user of Dynamics GP, contact us here for pricing and to learn more.

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