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6 New Enhancements for Your Dynamics GP System Now Available

- Friday, December 22, 2017

6 New Enhancements for Your Dynamics GP System Now AvailableSince 1988, The Resource Group has added value to a wide variety of businesses with the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution so they can better manage their accounting and understand their financials.

Now, we're now adding value to Dynamics GP itself.

6 Dynamics GP Add-On Tools

Because we have a talented team of software developers with deep knowledge of Dynamics GP, we also understand what it does well and where it could be improved. Additionally, with so many clients over the years, we've discovered through their business needs ways to improve Dynamics GP even more through our add-on solutions. Read about our six add-on tools, which enhance your Dynamics GP solution.

AP Connect

AP-Connect-for-Wells-Fargo-Payment-ManagerIf you use the Wells Fargo Payment Solution, our AP Connect add-on tool integrates the service with Dynamics GP.

AP Connect is built directly into Dynamics GP, so there are no external applications or integrations. Our solution lets you choose the vendors you want to pay via Wells Fargo, then allows you to run your normal accounts payable check process to produce a file in the required format for uploading to Wells Fargo for payment processing.

AP Copy & Paste

AP-Connect-for-Wells-Fargo-Payment-ManagerWhile it's a simple tool, it minimizes data entry and streamlines AP. Our AP Copy & Paste tool allows you to copy and paste directly from Excel into your Dynamics GP Accounts Payables transaction screen.

Just click CTRL-C, CTRL-V and you're done.

AP with AA Copy & Paste

AP-Connect-for-Wells-Fargo-Payment-ManagerIf you import or manually enter AP transactions with Analytical Accounting information, then our AP with AA Copy & Paste is for you.

The product handles three dimensions per distribution account. The window has also been updated to consolidate documents into a single transaction entry line with the distributions broken out in a detail window utilizing a split screen. This makes modification of the transaction level information faster and easier while providing the standard Excel-based error file and error indications on the window to facilitate faster integration.

All of the "key" fields, such as Vendor, Account Number, and AA data are enabled with standard GP lookup window functionality to reduce manual entry for required changes or fixes to the data.

Bank Transaction Copy & Paste

AP-Connect-for-Wells-Fargo-Payment-ManagerOur Bank Transaction Copy & Paste add-on enables you to quickly import data from an Excel spreadsheet and create bank transactions from the data within Dynamics GP.

Because Windows is lookup enabled, Bank Transaction Copy & Paste allows you to change account numbers using the core Dynamics GP account number lookup window. You can also post bank transactions to a specific batch or to the default "next batch number."

Bank Deposit Sort by Credit Card

AP-Connect-for-Wells-Fargo-Payment-ManagerThis add-on allows you to quickly sort and choose by credit card type within Dynamics GP. No more trying to look through all the credit card types you accept at your business. With this tool you can quickly sort by type and reconcile your statement with ease. You can also balance a deposit for one specific card against a bank statement total.

GL Copy & Paste

AP-Connect-for-Wells-Fargo-Payment-ManagerWant the ability to build out journal entries in Excel? The GL Copy & Paste add-on allows the creation of a GL journal entry by doing a standard copy and paste function. The Excel copy source columns allow you to map your import file columns to Account, Debit, Credit, and Description.

GP Add-On Availability

If you are user of Dynamics GP, contact us here for pricing and to learn more.

If you are a user or reseller of Dynamics GP, contact Romy Andrews, our Partner Account Coordinator, at (425) 277-4760 to learn about our products as well as our partner program.

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