Revenue Recognition with Sage Intacct

You can now make more informed business decisions with comprehensive software revenue recognition management from Sage Intacct cloud accounting software that provides real-time visibility into business performance.

As a professional services that sells software, Sage Intacct understands the issues your finance organization grapples with every day—from complex, evolving revenue recognition guidelines and a disconnected quote-to-cash process, to complicated subscription billing and renewals management challenges. That's why hundreds of software, SaaS, and cloud computing companies trust Sage Intacct for their financial management system.

  • Ensure compliance with current and future SEC, FASB, AICPA, and other accounting standards such as ASC 606, ASU 2014-09, and IFRS 15 without touching a single spreadsheet

  • Streamline subscription and recurring revenue management with Sage Intacct Subscription Billing for real-time updates to accounting and billing for discounts, renewals, upgrades, changes, and cancellations

  • Automate the accounting and billing for services engagements based on milestones, schedule, or percentage completion while providing transparent, detailed bills to customers

  • Recognize revenue independent of your customer billing arrangements so the economics of the deal remain separate from the revenue recognition requirements


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