Project Resource Management

Sage Intacct's Project Resource Management brings together disparate teams, processes, and systems to streamline and automate the service delivery life cycle in order to improve, improving project profitability, increase cash flow, and eliminate revenue leakage.

Sage Intacct's Dashboards & Detailed Gantt Charts

With Sage Intacct, you see real-time project operational status in user-configurable Gantt charts with drill-down capability, so you have greater visibility into the resource planning and progress of your projects.

Sage Intacct Resource Management Dashboard

Project Performance Visibility

The right system will provide deep insights into project costs, margins, and profitability, improving forecast accuracy by delivering the ability to do the following:

  • Talent Tracking
    Associate positions, skills, and other criteria with your resources or employees, then quickly identify and assign the right resources to a project by searching by skills, availability, location, and more.

  • Comprehensive Resource Visibility
    Combine employee assignments, out of office, and company holidays to give a complete picture of a project schedule and instantly see the status of resources allocated to a project, task, department, location, or manager, keeping you constantly aware of how resources are being utilized.

  • Multi-Segment Scheduling
    Assign a resource to a task in non-contiguous segments to match up with other project influences, like inter-dependencies or facility availability. 

  • Resource Budgets
    Set budgets on resources to keep projects within scope and create place-holders for resources to generate labor cost estimates where final resource assignments haven’t yet been made.

  • Configurable Routing Rules
    Automatically notify managers of pending actions or add time and expense report approvals to each manager’s dashboard.  Also, get updated project completion status when project time is approved. 


Data Sheet for Project Tracking & Accounting 

Intacct Project Accounting Software Data Sheet
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Sage Intacct Project Accounting

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