Healthcare Spend Management

Sage Intacct: A Better Solution for Purchasing Control

Keeping your organization's spending tightly aligned with your budget is one of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare organizations. After all, any variance can lead to an inadvertent misallocation of scarce resources.

Given that risk, many organizations devote an inordinate amount of time and energy to manually monitoring and managing their spending activities. While generally effective, a more reliable and cost-efficient solution exists.

Sage Intacct's spend management module and workflow automation features help you keep tight controls on purchasing and automate the procure-to-pay process.

Healthcare Intacct Spend Management

Staying on Plan

Healthcare finance teams can exercise more precise control and eliminate the risk of misdirected spending with an automated spend solution from Sage Intacct cloud accounting software.

For example, Sage Intacct can be set up to automatically validate purchasing transactions against predetermined budget benchmarks. This helps ensure funding is routinely directed to where it can have the greatest impact for the organization.

Sage Intacct Spend Management also provides:

  • Flexibility to override planned transactions
  • The ability to generate warnings if an overage is about to occur
  • The option to send alerts about transactions that might be out-of-compliance, with the option to disallow them

Improved Cost Efficiency

Being a cloud-based solution, Sage Intacct eliminates some of the costs related to spend management since it doesn't require dedicated equipment or incur implementation and software-related expenses. Instead, it's accessed through an annual subscription. Even updates to the solution occur automatically and are immediately accessible, freeing managers from reliance on IT sources and security concerns.

Charting a Different Course

Sage Intacct allows managers to track revenues and expenses for all locations, departments, physicians, and other elements. The dimensional chart of accounts allows for real-time reporting, which enables managers to quickly determine how well spending decisions serve your organization's goals.

For healthcare nonprofits, another added benefit arises from not having to create a new chart of accounts for each grant. This is helpful during audits because it eliminates the need to scour the general ledger accounts when researching transactions. In addition, the solution also reduces the occurrence of errors since it prevents repetitive entries—across the general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, order entry, and expense accounts.

Detailed and customized reports can be created for grantors and funders that track revenue, expenditures and costs on a per-grant basis without any assistance from IT. This greatly speeds the process of reporting to boards and committees.

A No-Risk Alternative to Risk Management

Sage Intacct's spend management feature represents a more comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective solution for keep budgeting and spending risks at bay. Contact us to learn how your organization can expect to gain from implementing Sage Intacct.

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