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RG Connect is The Resource Group’s annual conference for Microsoft Dynamics GP customers giving them valuable tips and tricks, networking time with peers and Partners as well as an opportunity to see future directions

RG Connect 2013: Innovating Your Way to Success


4000 Venture Court Columbus, OH 43228-9600
United States

The Resource Group will be hosting their 13th Annual RG Connect Customer Conference on Thursday, September 19th at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA.  This day long conference helps our clients utilize technology, software and innovation to achieve business success.  There will be more than 20 concurrent sessions throughout the day focusing on how to utilize your existing solution to its fullest,  gain more efficiency in your business processes and help you get to the information you need each day.  We truly believe Innovation can help businesses be more productive and achieve success.  Attend our conference to learn more.


RG Connect 2013 Agenda Highlights

  • Reporting Tools such as Excel Report Builder, SRS and SmartList Builder
  • The Possibilities for Your Business
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks
  • Managing Expenses in Your Business
  • Expo to visit with our closest Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Partners

Earn up to 7 CPE credits at RG Connect.


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Event Location
Thursday, September 19, 2013 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Meydenbauer Center 11100 NE 6th Street Bellevue, WA 98004

Early Bird Registration: $150 per person by August 30, 2013 $200 per person after August 30, 2013
RG Connect Session Agenda

RG Connect 2013 - Executive Leadership Track

Phil Kirby, "the Treasure Hunter," to Keynote and Present at RG Connect 2013 Executive Leadership Track

For this year's Executive Leadership track come hear Phil Kirby.  Known as the Treasure Hunter, Phil is a performance improvement expert with decades of extraordinary experience in all business sectors around the world.  He can prove that your business sits on a goldmine—a hidden wealth of treasure.  He can help you find this incredible fortune and make it your competitive edge.  He can show you how to discover this incredible fortune and make it your competitive edge.

Phil founded Organization Thoughtware International Inc. after 12 years of operations management experience in the private sector. He has overhauled businesses, bottlenecks and balance sheets from the jungles of Batam, Indonesia (20 from the Equator) to the darkness of Kokkola, Finland (20 from the Arctic Circle).  Phil’s passionate, provocative, and practical style inspires audiences to explore innovative ideas. His breadth and depth of performance improvement knowledge, combined with his incredible experience, make his presentations impactful, relevant, and memorable. Phil was awarded Best Speaker at the 2009 International Lean & Six Sigma Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Watch Phil Kirby speak.

9:15-10:15 Keynote
Discover your Hidden Advantage – Process Innovation

In today’s fast-paced global economy, outperforming your competition is harder than ever. It seems everyone is trying to build a better mousetrap. A stronger widget. A smaller product. Or, they’re hyping their service’s benefits, its price, its guarantees. Everywhere you turn, there appear to be challenges beyond your control. Tough economy. Weak demand. Price pressures.  What if you had a competitive edge that could change everything? Imagine a hidden advantage that doubles your productivity, triples your capacity, and changes the way you do business.

Let Phil show you that your business sits on a goldmine—a hidden wealth of treasure—if only you knew where to look and what to do about it. He’ll introduce you to a whole new way of thinking and a whole new level of business performance.

Keynote Highlights:
Discover how your hidden competitive advantage…

  • is not about products and services
  • increases your workflow, productivity, and capacity
  • reduces your cost and accelerates your cash flow
  • improves your safety and quality
  • engages and motivates your employees
  • grows your business using untapped capacity


Don Schmincke

High Altitude Leadership™ What Science and Death-Zones Teach Us About Success

Profitability and market penetration improve with strategic advantage, superior management teams, and high-performance cultures. But lack of alignment, speed, and accountability frustrate many executives in achieving these results. Best-selling author Don Schmincke’s uniquely refreshing perspective addresses this dilemma using scientific, yet provocative, alternatives to modern leadership hype. The secrets unconcealed with anthropology, evolutionary genetics, and death-zone altitudes will shock you. Based on his books, "The Code of the Executive" and “High Altitude Leadership”, Don irreverently and humorously dispels “program-of-the-month” theories and replaces them with revolutionary, controversial insights: 

  • why leadership programs fail to develop great leadership.
  • the hidden threat to profits and why it’s avoided by mainstream experts.
  • the seduction that causes strategies to fail and what to do about it.
  • why followers don’t follow leaders – and what they’re really following.
  • why change programs fall short and the genetic solution for performance.

Audiences walk away with novel and energizing leadership approaches to execute strategy, improve the bottom-line, and have more fun.  

To attend the Executive Leadership Track of RG Connect 2013, register for the RG Connect 2013 as normal.  All tracks and sessions are open to all attendees.

RG Connect 2013 Executive Leadership Agenda